Oil painting on canvas, size 40x56cm

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Do migrating elephants in search of food, shelter and water ever feel homesick?

In times of Covid-19 pandemic and multiple crises I have embraced my inner elephant, migrating across the globe. I am under lockdown at my home in Edinburgh, yet my mind wanders off. It migrates in the hope to catch a taste of the grapes ripening under the hot August sun of my native Bulgaria. With my migrating mind I reach for the sky, perhaps to catch a star.

I dream of homecoming. In my dream I walk or rather stamp my elephant feet and the globe turns into a Golden Delicious. I carry my young son like a bird on my back. I stamp my feet a bit more and the Monastery at the end of the road invites me to light a candle of hope. Then I dream again.



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Giclee prints £30, size approximately A3

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