Seedling nurseries at the nation’s windowsills might be one of the pandemic lockdown subcultures. While watering my daughter’s sunflower buds this morning, I was reminded of Diana’s painting of ripe with seeds yet rather melancholic sunflowers here. It was a curatorial privilege to know the pen drawing which preceded it. You, too may have spotted this drawing. Diana showed us a glimpse of her old sketchbook on her Instagram feed here.The artist’s sketchbook is the seedling nursery of all new works. Not unlike our windowsill nurseries, artist’s etudes, drawiings and sketches may often be hidden from the public eye yet we can’t stop craving to know how the paintings grow. I do hope to reveal this new growth by peeking into Diana’s new lockdown sketchbooks soon. Stay well and grow your seedlings. Yours, Iliyana Nedkova


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