Have you been following the new MEET THE MEMBERS Instagram series? It showcases the practice of artists-members of this worldwide network of over 1,200 creatives at the Society of Scottish Artists also known as SSA. Today, Diana’s work has come under the SSA spotlight, too. It has even earned the approval of fellow artists including Una Galbraith and Ronnie McInnes for its inspirational use of colour.

SSA, the artist-led organisation founded in 1891 and run by artists for artists, should be praised for this initiative to keep us all connected putting the spotlight on the artists! Run under the constraints of the pandemic lockdown, it raises the visibility for its members who, like Diana, have been with SSA for years.

MEET THE MEMBERS also opens up the doors for unexpected (re-)discovery of a new artist or two. It also prompts an update of the artist’s profile on the SSA website. Importantly, it is an opportunity for curatorial studio visits under one Instagram roof. Online hospitality at its best. Enjoy, Yours, Iliyana Nedkova


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