Crying over Spilt Milk? Well, that was back on 12 May 2020 when Diana joined Spilt Milk. When Diana became a member of this international social enterprise based in Edinburgh supporting the work of artists who are mothers.

Today, 12 September 2020, I am very pleased to congratulate Diana for being selected to take part in Spilt Milk annual members exhibition. Reinvented in an online format, this year’s members exhibition is called Home-works. It brings together work produced during the first months of the pandemic by members, including Diana, located on different parts of the globe. It acts as a collaborative archive of the thoughts, feelings and anxieties of artist/mothers during this challenging year.

Do take some time to view Diana’s featured painting Flower Moon. It is one of the 14 paintings selected in the exhibition. Take advantage of the sale here. Find out whether mermaids ever dream of playing music at moonlight.

Curatorially Yours, Iliyana Nedkova




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