In the midst of the pandemic most galleries and museums threw open their doors to online visitors from near and far. Some even re-imagined the traditional open group exhibition format. Hulabhaig Gallery was one such gallery. With the partial easing of the lockdown and the spell of the Scottish summer, it may be tempting to cycle to Timsgarry – the gallery home that lies on the western side of the Isle of Lewis on Uig Bay in the Outer Hebrides. 

Tempted, too? Then, just borrow Diana’s work Cycle in a Dream pictured here and pedal your way to Isle of Lewis. You can see this work also featured in the Hulabhaig Gallery group exhibition UIG Open 2020 curated by Andy Laffan. Drawn by the austere yet surreal beauty of Timsgarry, Diana’s surreal painting blends in. It must be her surreal ‘fluid acrylic pouring’ technique which ensures the higher intensity and hyper-realism of her work.

Better still take part in the public voting which opens today, 30 May 2020. You have until 30 June 2020 to cast your public choice vote just by supplying your name and email address alongside the work on the form here. Thanks to your vote, all exhibiting artists, who like Diana have had their exhibitions and livelihoods affected by the COVID-19, stand a chance of winning a cash prize of £300 or more. We do trust you to cast your vote to Diana’s work Cycle in a Dream. Your vote matters. With thanks. Yours, Iliyana Nedkova

as part of UIG Open 2020: Reimagined online


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