It is Day 29 on 29 May 2020 in the lockdown countdown at #CreateToConnect. We have been following this challenge campaign initiated by 64 Million Artists and the challenge du jour is to write a love story in 10 words! It may be difficult to sum up the love story streaming from Diana’s painting Tree of Life pictured here but it is certainly worth an attempt or two. We may even stumble upon the magic of the contemporary fairy-tales which Diana has been exploring in her current painting project. Here we go:

Hush! Sleep! Mummy and the World are there for you.

Set on a Golden Apple quest and find love instead!

Dream of an outworldly love in the safety of my embrace.

It’s been a long day for both of us. Cuddle in!

Courage! The tree of life is yours to explore. Go!

This love letter in 5 x #10WordLoveStories is just a start. The challenge is on you now. Ready. Steady. Act! Yours, Iliyana Nedkova


as part of #artistsupportpledge and #Homeworkresidency

as part of  #10ForTender #10WordLoveStories

P.S. We pledge to donate £10 from each of the limited edition sales of Diana’s Tree of Life pictured here to Tender – the education and arts charity committed to preventing domestic abuse. They deliver healthy relationship programmes to young people, providing the opportunity to learn about relationships and identify where to seek support. The #10WordLoveStories campaign is designed to keep connected with children and young people online, and to continue to deliver their message: Acting to end abuse.


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